Display mounting solutions that adapt to your business needs.

The system’s modular nature allows for infinite configurations and combinations of parts to support various screen sizes, attachment surfaces, and technology. Premium materials, ergonomic design and sophisticated features will compliment your trading desks and protect your investment.

Future proof your investment

Purchasing trading desks is a 10-year+ investment decision. Besides premium materials that guarantee stability and longevity, specialised trading desks deliver the most value through their ergonomic design. Ergonomic features include integrating soft-surface edges for increased comfort when typing, electric height adjustability for sit-to-stand work positions, modular monitor arms capable of holding 8+ displays, and cable management solutions for a clutter-free work environment.

Tradingdesk 2

Extendable posts, interchangeable arms

Ergonomic design and premium features

Tradingdesk ergonomic design
Tradingdesk ergonomic design


viewing angle & display orientation adjustment.

Display quick-release

mechanism for easy monitor replacement.

Post stability

Extra-sturdy internal mechanism to prevent post movement in multi-screen solutions.

Sophisticated cable

Ensures a neat and professional look. Installation time is further reduced thanks to the guided indicators on three sides of the 4-channel post.

Dynamic height

for tool-free vertical movement & fast re-positioning

Dynamic height

for tool-free vertical movement & fast re-positioning

Extendable post

allows for cost-effective upgrades from a single row to multi-level configurations

Built-in rotation

180o rotation stopper to prevent interference with walls or desk partitions.

Arm movement

Arms joints can be tightened to minimize movement caused by vibrations or desk height adjustment.

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