TV/AV Carts for Mobility and Collaboration

TV carts and AV carts suit environments like schools where displays will be routinely moved, teleconferencing suits with cameras and other devices affixed, locations with no appropriate surface to fix a required display, and instances in which a readily dismantled solution that doesn’t leave anchor points on surfaces is preferred.

Mobile TV/AV Display Mounting Applications

The benefits of mobile TV/AV mounts are mostly self-evident; you can easily move the display to use elsewhere or store out of the way. Additional benefits include mounting without a permanent wall or ceiling bracket, display height adjustment such as for video conferencing, or changing display orientation without disassembly.

Atdec collaboration mobile tv carts
Collaboration & presentation:
  • Adjust display height, tilt, more
  • Locate screens ideally
  • Store devices securely
  • Agile team efficiency
Atdec tv/av carts for educational institutions
  • Connect your team
  • Connect with prospects
  • Displays, camera, devices secure where needed
Atdec collaboration area tv carts
Educational opportunities:
  • Enables multimedia resources
  • Virtual visits with other classes
  • Store display/s safely away
  • Stable, secure, safe

Atdec’s TV/AV Carts

Standard TV/AV Carts

Use our standard range when you want functionality and aren’t concerned with high-end design. For education, general commercial, and light industrial areas.

  • Functional and economical
  • Feature packed
  • Top camera mount accessories
  • Additional shelf accessories

Executive TV/AV Carts

Select executive range TV/AV carts for high aesthetics and additional functionalities. Boardrooms, client reception, and collaboration areas.

  • Functional and elegant
  • All standard features and accessories
  • Cart with discrete concealed storage
  • Cart with 90° display rotation for team huddles around a touchscreen display
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Featured TV/AV carts

  1. AD-TVC-70R
    Executive range. Displays to 70" & 70kg (154lb), 90° rotation.
  2. AD-TVC-45
    Displays 32" to 65” & up to 45kg. Functional & economical.
  3. ADBS-1-17HFC
    Super heavy duty TV/AV cart
  4. AD-TVC-75
    Displays 50" to 80” & 75kg. Extra shelves (opt). Functional & economical.
  5. AD-TVC-70A
    Displays 32" to 70” & up to 70kg. Executive range with high aesthetics
  6. AD-TVC-20
    For lighter displays 32" to 55" & 20kg. Functional & economical.

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