Monitor mounting solutions for curved monitors, all-in-one PCs, and large format displays

Monitor arms and stands for heavy or large displays

Curved monitors

Curved monitors exert additional load on the monitor arm which is why they require an extra strong mounting option.

curved monitors
Dual curved monitor in a stacked configuration
ultra wide monitors
Samsung 49" Super Ultra-wide curved QLED gaming monitor

Ultra-wide monitors

Ultra-wide monitors are designed to replace multiple screens with one seamless display. They are often used in a stacked dual configuration to maximise display real estate.

All-in-one PCs and large format displays

Mounting large displays presents a number of challenges especially in multi-screen configurations. All-in-one PCs are typically heavier and just like curved monitors require an extra strong arm to support them.

pc large format display
Philips 43" Brilliance 4K Ultra HD LCD monitor

Browse just a few popular solutions for curved, ultra-wide and large displays below. The modular nature of Atdec mounts allows a flexible approach so if you have an unusual configuration in mind, please contact our team and we’llbe able to recommend a custom solution for your specific needs.

Popular solutions

Desk mounts for curved, heavy and large displays

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