“The Atdec products purchased by Brisbane Airport Corporation were excellent and allowed us to work on faulty displays without having to take the entire wall of displays down. Atdec was very professional and helpful when we had problems attaching the displays to the brackets. The Atdec engineer contacted our installer directly and worked with him to overcome the issues and even took on recommendations from our installer on changes he felt would improve the bracket. Overall, Atdec was easy to deal with and very happy to assist when required. They have also kept in contact with us to ensure we are happy with their product. Great after sales service."

-Di Eggleton, IT Project Manager at Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)

Brisbane Airport is one of Australia’s busiest airports that sees up 21 million passengers pass through its terminals each year. This introduces a need to display correct and up to date flight information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also provides a fantastic opportunity for advertisers. In order to achieve this Brisbane Airport incorporates a number of large displays and video walls to ensure all passengers, employees and flight crew are kept up to date on critical operational information such as flight times, delays and emergency information.


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) were presented with a significant design flaw with their existing video walls that required them to remove the entire video wall when any individual video panel needed servicing, causing significant interruption to the high traffic flow of the busy main departure lounge and was also a potentially dangerous and costly endeavour. In addition to this they wanted to expand their video walls to incorporate a number of additional displays and this was made impossible by their existing mounts.

Each video wall runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is used to display critical operational information as well as expensive advertising and is used as a means to provide entertainment to busy, tired and often stressed passengers. As such it was crucial that they found a solution to these problems.


Atdec (in cooperation with Rutledge AV) was invited to assist Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) with the fit out of the Telehook Universal Video Wall mounting system. This strong and robust mounting system helped to address many of the challenges faced by Brisbane Airport; Utilising the clever installation features of the mount they were able to reduce installation time to less than two hours allowing the airport to run as normal with minimal interruption to the heavy flow of pedestrian traffic in the area. In addition to this, the Telehook mounting systems modular, upgradable and interchangeable design allowed Brisbane Airport to add two additional 46” video panels to each wall and also left the systems open to limitless future upgrades.

Di Eggleton, IT Project Manager of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), was pleased with both the quality of the Telehook Universal Video Wall Mounting system and also the significantly shortened installation time:

Atdecs universal video wall mounting solution is modular, interchangeable and upgradable; It incorporates a high level of pre and post installation adjustment to assist in the leveling of often complicated video wall systems and is universal to ensure compatibility with most modern video panels. The universal video wall mount is used in a variety of commercial situations, for more information please click here.