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Heavy duty dynamic arm on post

AWMS-HX40 combines a powerful heavy duty dynamic arm and head with the flexibility of a post. This solution mounts large, heavy monitors including ultrawides. 

This solution delivers the highest level of adaptability. The arm can be set at any height on the post, and the arm itself has long horizontal and vertical reach (measurements below). The specialist heavy duty tilt head holds heavy monitors securely while allowing smooth fingertip adjustment of tilt, pan, and rotation. 


Choose me for:

  • Heavy monitors & all-in-one devices 
  • Smooth & vibration resistant dynamic adjustment
  • Fingertip focal distance control
  • Bulk packaging for mass installation
  • Easy future upgrades & reconfigurations


  • Monitor capacity per display
    • Flat to 14kg (31lb)
    • Curved to 12kg (26.5lb)
  • Head movement: 
    • Tilt -30° to +35° 
    • Pan -90° to -90° 
    • Landscape to portrait rotation 
  • Arm reach: 
    • Horizontal: 658mm (25.91")
    • Vertical range: 342mm (13.46")
  • Advanced cable management
  • Built-in optional 180° arm rotation limiter to prevent bumping walls or desk partitions
  • Modular, adaptable & upgradeable design
  • Available in silver, black or white finish
  • Durable high-grade materials that can be recycled at end of life

Solution includes:


Upgrades: Additional arms can be added to create either dual or triple display configurations. The display mounting head can be replaced with the AWM-LR dual crossbar (sold separately).



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    Product Details
    Product code AWMS-HX40
    Upgradable to carry additional display Yes
    Material Aluminium & steel
    Colour Options Silver, black or white
    Warranty 10 years
    Desk fixing options Select your preferred option
    Minimum display weight, kg 6.00
    Flat screen: maximum supported weight, kg 14.00
    Curved screen: maximum supported weight, kg 12
    VESA mounting hole pattern, mm 75x75, 100x100
    Minimum desk thickness Check selected desk fixing specification
    Maximum desk thickness allowed (mm) Check selected desk fixing specification
    Range of movement
    Spring assisted height adjustability Yes
    Rotation around pole -
    Tilt adjustment -30° to +35° 
    Pan adjustment 180°
    Landscape to portrait screen rotation Yes
    Height adjustable Yes
    Maximum arm reach (mm) 658

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