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Super heavy duty mount on tall post

AWMS-BT75 is a tall post with a super heavy duty bracket for large, heavy, and deeply curved ultrawide monitors including R1000. This includes Samsung Neo G9s including G95NC 57".


Choose me for:

  • Greater vertical position range than AWMS-BT40 
    • Physically tall users requested this option
  • Mounting a single deeply curved ultrawide monitor
  • Increasing usable desk real estate 



  • Single monitors sized 24" to 57" 
  • Heavy monitors weighing 
    • Flat to 25kg (55lb) 
    • Curved to 18kg (40lb)
  • Deeply curved monitors 
    • Maximum overall monitor depth 340mm (13.4")
    • Including R1000 displays
  • Monitor adjustability 
    • Tilt -8° to +12°
    • Fine-tune height -6mm to +6mm (+/-¼")
    • Levelling -2° to +2° 
  • 10 year warranty


Solution includes:

NB: The silver solution includes silver post and fixing, with black brackets. As pictured.

See more super heavy duty mounting solutions created with the AWM-BT bracket. 

Important: Please check your monitor specifications and consult our instruction guidance before mounting your displays. For example, we recommend you avoid putting a load on monitor corners - see full installation instructions through the button below.



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You will receive the following components:
    VESA compatibility
    Product Details
    Product code AWMS-BT75
    Upgradable to carry additional display Yes
    Material Aluminium/Steel
    Colour Options Silver, black
    Warranty 10 years
    Minimum display weight, kg 4.50
    Flat screen: maximum supported weight, kg 25.00
    Curved screen: maximum supported weight, kg 18
    VESA mounting hole pattern, mm 75x75, 100x100
    Maximum desk thickness allowed (mm) -
    Range of movement
    Rotation around pole -
    Tilt adjustment -8° to +12°
    Pan adjustment -
    Landscape to portrait screen rotation Yes
    Height adjustable Yes
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