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AV mounting solutions

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  • Adaptable Technology Mounting Solutions
    Adaptable Technology Mounting SolutionsLearn how SYSTEMA™ can help your workplace to address employees’ for individual needs
  • United Airlines Intelligent Airport Terminal Design
    United Airlines Intelligent Airport Terminal Design VISIDEC™ VF-M assists in creating seamless customer experience
  • Visidec White
    New white colour option for single and dual display Focus desk mounts Premium design to complement modern home, office and public display environments
  • atdec-power-module
    The new Atdec Power Module With the latest USB fast charging technology.
    Ergonomic above desk accessory for Systema™ and Visidec™ Focus desk mounts.
  • Adaptable Technology Mounting Solutions-button
    Adaptable Technology Mounting Solutions
  • United Airlines Intelligent Airport Terminal Design-button
    United Airlines Intelligent Airport Terminal Design
  • Visidec White-button
    New White
    Visidec Focus
  • atdec-power-module-button
    New Atdec Power Module
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