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Wet ‘n’ Wild: Water proofing public-facing terminals at high traffic amusement park
Client: Village Roadshow & Warner Bros Australia subsidiary Wet ‘n’ Wild
Location: Sydney, Australia
CHALLENGE Establishment of new Sydney location offered opportunity to incorporate the latest in Point of Sale (POS) solutions, public displays and numerous other technologies, including RFID to handle large crowds efficiently.
SOLUTION Mounting solutions implemented in a range of applications throughout the theme park including fixed display desk mounts in ride photo viewing areas, portrait and landscape display wall mounts in public display areas, ceiling mounted displays above POS areas, and the actual POS display mounts which included an EFTPOS terminal arm and a custom RFID scanner plate; special focus across the park on long-term durability, avoiding potential water damage, safe cable management, rugged steel construction, and high range of security features for high traffic environments.
PRODUCT Spacepole range POS Payment Mounts
Spacedec range SD-POS- VBM single display desk LCD/LED monitor/small TV mount
Telehook range TH-1026- CT single display ceiling LCD/LED/Plasma TV mount | Black
Project Overview
Spacedec at Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild (a subsidiary of Village Roadshow & Warner Bros Australia) is one of five major amusement parks in Australia. Taking full advantage of Australia’s famous summer heat, it is the family destination of choice for the summer months. After three decades of success on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Wet ‘n’ Wild expanded its theme park to include a location in Sydney’s sweltering western suburbs, offering a range of water slides and other water based attractions.

The establishment of this new location required a large scale development and offered an opportunity to rework the way the amusement park was run, with Wet ‘n’ Wild electing to incorporate the latest in POS and Public Display technologies. RFID was built into fabric of the park to help handle the large crowds efficiently and a variety of POS solutions, public displays and numerous other technologies were also implemented.

Spacepole POS Payment Solutions at Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney chose Atdec to provide the mounting solutions for these technologies in a range of applications throughout the theme park. It was crucial for these technologies to be kept safe from potential water damage while also being able to withstand the test of time. The durability of the mounts and high range of security features were critical in such a high traffic environment.

Spacepole POS Payment Solutions at Wet ‘n’ Wild

Point of Sale The theme park incorporates a range of different POS applications from refreshments stands to merchandising environments and everything in between, each with their own unique set of challenges. Wet ‘n’ Wild selected the Spacepole POS range to implement throughout all POS environments in the park. The Spacepole range elevates the displays and associated technologies off the work surface, offers a high range of adjustability and advanced cable management, and features creating a cleaner and more ergonomic environment for customers and employees alike.

Spacepole POS Payment Solutions Spacepole POS Payment Solutions

The parks integrated RFID tagging system allows for quick, easy and waterproof transactions and enables customers to enjoy the park without their mobile phone or wallet. To incorporate the RFID system, a custom Spacepole mounting solution was implemented; each mount incorporates a display mount, an EFTPOS terminal arm and a custom RFID scanner plate. The mount keeps all of the POS technology raised off the work surfaces that are often wet and allows them to be used at an ergonomic and comfortable height.

Public display and interaction
The public display and interaction features of the park have the added challenge of being further immersed into the customer experience and are far more likely to be used and abused by theme park goers. Wet ‘n’ Wild incorporated a range of different mounting technologies to address these challenges. The Spacedec fixed display desk mount (SD-POS- VBM) was incorporated into the ride photo viewing areas, this mount offers tidy and safe cable management, rugged steel construction and clever security features which are crucial in areas with high customer interaction. The rotation on the Spacedec mount can be either allowed to move freely, or in this situation, locked for limited adjustability and lessened risk to the customer.

Ceiling mounted displays were implemented above the Point of Sale areas to add additional customer engagement. The displays were mounted using the Telehook adjustable ceiling display mount (TH-1026- CT) which offers Atdecs standard high quality steel construction, advanced cable management and a highly secure design.

Atdecs mounts can be seen throughout Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney and will help to provide a safe and ergonomic environment for many years to come.

Telehook TH-1026- CT adjustable ceiling display mount