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Westfield: Updating WebPoint kiosk displays across national portfolio of shopping centres
Client: National shopping centre Westfield
Location: Australia
Partners: Partners: WebPoint
CHALLENGE Westfield required flexible solutions to onsite information system display needs across wide range of in-centre operations.
SOLUTION Installation of iPads desk and kiosk mounting solution across national portfolio of shopping centres; adjustable, durable, public facing, secure.
PRODUCT Spacepole range POS Tablet mounts
Project Overview
Westfield is one of the world’s leading shopping centres with over forty major retail destinations operated by Scentre Group under the Westfield brand in Australia and New Zealand.

Westfield needed flexible solutions to its onsite information system display needs. They wanted iPads for desk and kiosk mounting options for a wide and variable range of in-centre operations across their huge portfolio of shopping centres.

WebPoint specialises in commercial solutions for retailers’ information systems. There’s nothing more useful or versatile than an iPad in these environments. They’re powerful, highly adaptable all-purpose tools and they’re perfect for any imaginable setting in a retail context.

WebPoint took the best practice approach to mounting. They needed ultra-reliable, highly secure and easily-installed mounts for their iPads, and the Spacepole range delivered exactly what they needed. The Spacepole mounts could do it all and do it well.

Using the superior Spacepole cable management system; power, VGA and communications cables are concealed in a “one size for all cabling” mode for all terminals to ensure a smooth installation. The Spacepole solution was elegant, cost-effective and met all requirements. The result was the neat, streamlined POS setups you see pictured.

Spacepole Payment Solution at Webpoint Spacepole Payment Solution at Webpoint2