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Sydney Adventist Hospital: Redeveloping award-winning facilities to meet increasing demand

Client: Sydney Adventist Hospital
Location: Sydney, Australia

CHALLENGE Redeveloping hospital campus to accommodate the increasing demand for services, the hospital searched for years for the sweet spot between often bulky articulated arms and flimsy monitor stands commonly designed for lighter weight displays; required a display mounting solution that could be tailored across unusual physical environments in their new Clinical Service buildings with extensive integration of technology into the new buildings.
SOLUTION Installation of several tailored solutions including wall mounted televisions in patient wards, dual display mounts to support two large displays in birthing rooms, dual computer display mounts in ward reception areas, and custom triple display mounts in operating theatres; tailored solutions selected for each area for ergonomic adjustment, cable management, fitment of displays of differing sizes, glare free viewing in naturally-lighted wards, advanced cable management, and sophisticated aesthetic.
PRODUCT Systema modular range:
S4640S single display articulated arm
SD4640S dual display articulated arm
ST467140S triple display articulated arm
Telehook range TH-3270-UFM single display wall articulated arm

Project Overview
Sydney Adventist Hospital is a state of the art, not for profit, hospital based out of Sydney, Australia. The award-winning private hospital accommodates 500 licensed overnight beds and offers a large range of medical services. It is the largest single employer in the Hornsby-Kuring-Gai area and home to approximately 3,500+ staff and volunteers.


Sydney Adventist Hospital needed to redevelop their hospital campus to accommodate the increasingly high demand for services. In their new Clinical Service Building they were faced with a range of challenges that are experienced in many clinical environments when selecting a suitable display mounting solution. They required ergonomic support, a generous range of motion, adaptability and a robust design that could survive in the clinical environment. Advanced cable management was also of particularly high importance to help keep clinical workspaces clean, tidy and free from clutter. Design principles included extensive integration of technology into the new buildings and it was important that end-user computer mounts encompassed an elegant yet functional and ergonomic aesthetic that complemented the fitout.
Sydney Adventist Hospital searched extensively for a suitable mounting solution to install throughout their facility and eventually decided to utilise the new modular mounting solution, Systema. The Systema range is modular, interchangeable and upgradable and this allowed the entire building to be fitted out with a number of different mounting solutions for every application. Custom solutions were configured by combining a range of display arms, desk posts and other mounting accessories. Single, dual and triple display mounts were utilised throughout the Clinical Services Building, providing support for different display sizes, height ranges and applications.

Barbara MacKenzie, Head of Information Services Operations and Infrastructure at Sydney Adventist Hospital:
“I searched over a period of years to try and identify a mounting system that would work for us and failed to find a product that satisfied all our requirements … the Systema arm hit the market and managed to fit the sweet spot between often bulky articulated arms and flimsy monitor stands commonly designed for lighter weight displays … the aesthetics, size and functionality of the mounting system was exactly what we were after.”

Systema range at Sydney Adventist Hospital

Birthing rooms
Patient wards were fitted out with a variety of different mounts.

Birthing rooms utilised dual display mounts that support two large displays in a side by side configuration with enough range of movement and height adjustment to allow the display to be shared with the patient. The solution also includes advanced cable management and helps to finish off a neat, sophisticated and tidy working environment.

The Telehook TH-3270-UFM was utilised for wall mounted televisions providing in-room patient entertainment. Its adjustable design helped to ensure a glare free viewing experience in rooms that are flooded with natural light.

SYSTEMA SD4675S Telehook TH-3270-UFM

Ward reception areas

Ward reception areas were designed with a hotel-like aesthetic. The dual computer display mounts incorporated dual solutions with short and long arm models. The variety of arm lengths allowed for the fitment of displays of differing sizes and assisted in an elegant presentation of the dual display configuration.


“We work in some unusual physical environments and the Systema mounts modular design made it possible to mount the displays in our required configuration.” ”
– Barbara MacKenzie, Information Services and Infrastructure Manager, Sydney Adventist Hospital

Operating theaters

Operating theatres benefited from Systema’s ability to create custom mounting solutions. In this instance they created a custom triple display mount. Systema’s 710mm long arms with independent height adjustment offer ergonomic support to each user while its 460mm mid-range arm supports a shared touch screen display on the same desk mounted post. Single display mounts with 460mm mid-range arm lengths were also utilised throughout the operating theatres and offer all the same support for easy height adjustment, cable management and a high range of motion.


Atdec’s mounts can be seen throughout Sydney Adventist Hospital’s redevelopment and will assist the facility for many years to come.