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Regatta HQ: Move to an open plan collaborative workspace for leading outdoor clothing brands

Client: Outdoor clothing manufacturer and supplier Regatta
Location: London, UK
Designer: SpaceInvader
Partners: Utility+
CHALLENGE Fitout of historic ex-arms factory into new open-plan headquarters including office space, showroom, training facility and auditorium designed to enhance collaboration between Regatta’s three leading outdoor brands Regatta, Craghoppers and Dare2b.
SOLUTION Installation of a range of single and dual monitors throughout space, with focus on a mounting solutions that are compatible, cost effective, future proof, adjustable, ergonomic, functional, adaptible to variety of roles in shared environment, and maximizing available office space without sacrificing style or functionality.
PRODUCT Systema modular range SDS10S dual display spring-assisted arm

Project Overview

Regatta is a leading outdoor clothing manufacturer and supplier with over 400 staff across the United Kingdom. They have a unique history of over 30 years of forward thinking business execution that has allowed them to excel in the competitive outdoor clothing market. Regatta recently opened its new headquarters in Trafford, UK which will serve as the stomping ground for their innovative business strategy.

Regatta engaged SpaceInvader to design their existing office space, an ex-arms factory constructed for World War 1, into a state-of-the-art collaboration focused office space, showroom, training facility and auditorium. The £10m project is a cutting edge multi, award-winning workspace that allows Regatta to combine the activities of its three leading outdoor brands Regatta, Craghoppers and Dare2b under one roof. SpaceInvader selected Atdec’s Systema dynamic monitor mounting solutions to be implemented throughout the open plan office space.


Such a large scale development with the aim of enhancing collaboration between Regatta’s various brands presented significant challenges. It was critical that the workspace was able to keep up with the ergonomic and functional needs of a range of employees undertaking a variety of different roles within a shared environment. The considerable investment required added additional pressures to ensure it was future proof and able to adapt as the needs of the company changed.

Systema solutions at Regatta HQ

There was a very strong focus on design. The open plan design of the offices introduced an additional need to keep workstations clear of clutter so as not to detract from the function and style of the rest of the building. Understated design elements were integrated throughout the space to complement the bright and open styling of the building and to retain as much available natural light as possible.


Regatta and SpaceInvader recognized that an open plan collaborative work space requires a higher range of adjustability than traditional offices and consistent, clutter-free design is critical. The versatility of the Systema monitor mount enabled a range of single and dual monitors to be implemented throughout the open plan areas of the building. The extended arm reach, ergonomic spring assisted adjustability and advanced cable management assisted in creating a highly productive space while achieving a visual consistency with a single solution.

ergonomic spring assisted Systema SDS10S at Regatta HQ

Systema’s versatility extends to its mounting options. Atdec collaborated with Utility+, the suppliers of the workstations, to ensure the mounts were compatible with the mount support rail integrated in the selected desking option. This ensured rows of multi-user desks could be situated within very close proximity, maximizing available office space without sacrificing style or functionality.

In keeping with the overall design aesthetic, the Systema white option was selected allowing the mount to blend into its environment.

Systema at Regatta HQ environment

Atdec works with industry leading businesses, designers and manufacturers to craft mounting solutions that address the challenges faced by their respective industries and are dedicated to providing mounting solutions for future work places. SystemA perfectly complements Regatta’s multi-award-winning office space and will serve them well for many years to come.