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Atdec takes product quality and safety very seriously, and wishes to advise all customers of a recall on the Telehook TH-400-LED (v.1) television wall mount.

Product code: TH-400-LED, version 1 (see below information on how to identify version 1).
Defect: Housing of the plastic wire mount can fail, resulting in the wire to detach.

How to identify the faulty version of TH-400-LED

Rear view of the mounting plates

Version 1 faulty
Version 2 safe

Steps to follow for a successful identification and/or removal of the wall mount:

  • 1. Carefully tilt the bottom of the TV outwards from the wall and extend the cable access support stand located on 1 of the 2 lower mounting holes. The TV should now be supported away from the wall giving you access to the rear of the TV.

  • 2. Disconnect the power cable and AV Leads from the back of the TV, carefully noting their location for reconnection.

  • 3. Once the power cable and AV leads have been removed from the TV, carefully remove the TV from the wall by lifting upwards so that the wire comes away from the 2 wall hook plates.

  • NB: We recommend that this should be a 2 person task. Please ask someone for assistance.

  • 4. Place the TV face down on a soft, flat protective surface so the rear of the TV is accessible.

  • 5. Using a Philips head screw driver, remove the screw holding one of the wire mount housings from the back of the TV.

  • 6. Turn the housing over so you can see the rear surface.

  • 7. Compare the style of the housing with the images displayed on this page.

  • 8. If you are unsure which version you have, please contact Atdec for assistance.

  • 9. If your housing matches the image of the recalled unit (left pictured image above), immediately remove all mounting hardware from the TV. See following instructions – “What to do next”

  • 10. Re-attach the original support stand supplied with the TV at the time of purchase.

  • 11. If your housing does not match the photo of the recalled unit then you are OK to re attach the wire housing to its original position, firmly tightening the screw in place.

  • 12. With assistance from another person, lift and hang you TV back on to the wall plate hooks and re attach any cabling.

What to do next: If you identified your mount as a faulty one or having difficulty identifying the version on your mount please contact us as soon as possible on 1300155 921 or via email