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Introducing the New Range of ProAV Projector Mounts

Modular, Interchangeable, Upgradable

Wall Short Throw Range


Ceiling Range

Customise Your ProAV Projector Mounting Solution Now

The Ultimate Projector Mounting Solution

The new ProAV Projector Mount Range is your complete mounting solution, easily customised to fit in all professional and home projection environments.

From the highly maneuverable projector mounting head with its adaptability and fine adjustment, to the variety of extension poles and accessories available, the ProAV Projector Mount Range is the answer to your projection mount needs

Designed For You

Designed with the rigours of the public environment and the needs of the installer in mind, the ProAV range streamlines the time and effort needed for installation and helps ensure post-installation projector security.

Modular, interchangeable, and upgradable, we have made the ProAV range as customisable and universally compatible as possible. Eliminate the guesswork from mount installation and improve project turn over.

Customise the Perfect Viewing Angle

  • High level tilt, roll and yaw adjustments, 360° rotation
  • 7mm height adjustment at each mount point for uneven projector surfaces
  • Fixed and adjustable extension poles
  • Ceiling plate with the dress cover
  • Advanced internal cable management

Save Time & Effort

  • Universal mounting head supports most projectors
  • Connects using 1.5" national pipe thread
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Easy assembly and upgrades

Projector Safety & Security

  • Security screws at all connection and adjustment points to prevent unauthorized adjustments
  • Safety catch to prevent accidental removal during installation
  • High quality steel construction for durability, strength and extended use
  • 10 year warranty

Customise Your ProAV Projector Mounting Solution Now

Wall Short Throw Range

Choose Your Short Throw Projector Mount