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Powerhouse Museum: Secure and interactive digital technologies to educate and entertain

Client: Powerhouse Museum
Location: Sydney, Australia
CHALLENGE World class museum catering to high volumes of people year round required high end secure access to the iPad touch screen interface for public areas.
SOLUTION Solutions implemented throughout the museum with iPads mounted to various surfaces utilising desk mount that allows for height adjustment, tilt adjustment and 210° rotation to help accommodate user needs; additional iPads mounted on a full motion desk mount or floor mounts to maximise patron adjustment and interaction; curators able to use an app based protocol with restricted access to the ‘home’ button; aluminium frames enabling stylish, interactive and high security solution for public areas.
PRODUCT Spacepole range iPad mounts
Visidec range floor mounts

Project Overview

Spacepole range at Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, catering to approximately 380,000 visitors annually. Operating under the umbrella of Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, it is a true modern-day museum, utilising the latest in interactive digital technologies to educate and entertain the public.

The use of interactive technology allows the museum to support their exhibits with additional information including videos, interviews, stories and games. This is particularly beneficial for the large number of primary and secondary school children who pass through the museum each year.


Powerhouse Museum welcomes high volumes of people year round, many of those are large groups of children, families and schools. Subsequently they required high end security features while still providing full access to the iPads touch screen interface. The challenge was to enhance the users’ experience, while still providing the necessary security features to keep the device safe from damage and theft.

These are critical, high value factors in the broadcast environment. A broadcaster may spend several hours in the same workspace and as such ergonomic comfort is very important in this job. The broadcasters have to focus on their displays every second they’re on air, as often these displays are required to provide important real time information. The displays are quite literally part of their role. They have to achieve good time management and fluency on air throughout the entire program.

Spacepole range at Powerhouse Museum


Atdec helped fit out the Powerhouse Museum with the latest in iPad mounting solutions. Utilising Atdec’s iPad Spacepole aluminium frame, they were able to offer a stylish, interactive and high security solution for mounting the tablet computer in public areas.

The Spacepole iPad mount met the security challenges via the use of a full aluminium frame that conceals the power and audio controls while providing room within the frame for the connection of charging cables. The iPad Spacepole mount also provided restricted access to the ‘home’ button so that the curators of the exhibit could provide an app based protocol and not risk users getting into the settings or other restricted areas of the device.

The Spacepole mount was then mounted to various surfaces, utilising the Spacepole DuraTilt desk mount that allows for height adjustment, tilt adjustment and 210° rotation to help accommodate all user needs.

For further interactive use, the Powerhouse Museum also mounted the iPad frames to the Visidec VF-AT full motion desk mount. This allows patrons to freely move the iPad to whichever position suits them best and gives them a chance to interact with

To add another dimension and complete the installation they also included floor mounted iPads.

Atdecs range of iPad and tablet mounting solutions provide functionality and security in commercial situations worldwide.

Spacepole range at Powerhouse Museum