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Point of Sale mounts

Monitor, payment terminal and tablet mounting solutions for point of sale applications

SpacePole is a unique range of Point of Sale (POS) technology mounting solutions that alleviates many of the traditional problems associated with configuring diverse POS and Payment equipment in checkout and other countertop environments. Mounting POS technology can cause problems for almost every retailer. SpacePole® provides a universal solution to this by placing the equipment on a unique, modular system of ‘plates and poles’. This improves the ergonomics, enhances the safety of the equipment, ensures universal compatibility and reclaims valuable counter space.

1.5 million POS mounts There are more than 1.5 million SpacePole POS mounting solutions currently installed around the world. SpacePole can be found in supermarkets and department stores, chemists and convenience outlets, fashion, footwear and homeware retailers, independent retailers and self-service kiosks, hotels and hospitality, banking and transportation.

Some of the companies that have chosen SpacePole:

POS mounting solutions for Coles, Ikea, Aldi, Toys R Us and Woolworths


Why Choose SpacePole?

Improved Space Efficiency

  • POS equipment is raised off the work area
  • All transaction and display equipment is organised in one place
  • Valuable counter space is freed up for display, sales and order processing

Improved Ergonomics & Aesthetics

  • Configurable and customisable for precise positioning with superior styling
  • Adjustable for operational flexibility and individual user requirements
  • Cashier strain is reduced while productivity and accuracy is improved
  • Customer comfort, convenience and satisfaction are all maximised

Universal Compatibility

  • SpacePole is compatible with POS equipment from all leading vendors, including:

    Point of sale for IBM, NCR and Fujitsu

  • SpacePole payment mounts are compatible with pin-pad technology from all the leading banks and manufacturers, including:

    POS mounts for Verifone and Banksys

Improved Safety & Security

  • All equipment is secured in one place with hidden attachment points
  • Cables can be neatly clipped to the exterior or securely run inside the poles
  • Payment technology can be mounted separately or integrated onto a single EFTPOS solution
  • Payment technology is held securely with a facility for operator detachment or fixed attachment