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Perth Airport: Critical public-facing information sharing for 13 million commuters annually

Client: Perth Airport
Location: Perth, Australia
CHALLENGE High-traffic airline terminal required critical public-facing information sharing, mounting on unconventional pre-existing structures and surfaces, adjustability and security.
SOLUTION Secure digital signage adapted to a variety of displays, constant content stream of time- critical information, consistent aesthetic, tamper resistant security screws fitted in high-traffic areas.
PRODUCT Telehook range:
TH-1040-VFM single display wall LCD/LED/Plasma TV articulated arm
TH-2050-VFM single display wall LCD/LED/Plasma TV articulated arm

Project Overview

Perth Airport is a busy travel hub in the bustling capital city of Western Australia. Servicing more than 13 million commuters annually, this fast paced environment faces its own unique set of challenges largely due to the time-critical, high-traffic and highly secure nature of the airport. To avoid delays without compromising security or the customerexperience, information sharing is critical to the effective day-to- day management of the airport.

Telehook range at Perth Airport


Effective digital signage and creating a consistent experience across all terminals is imperative to the management of Perth Airport. Staff and customers must be kept up to date on flight times, delays and any critical emergency information that will assist in streamlining the customer’s journey.

Perth Airport was presented with the challenge of employing a variety of displays throughout a range of different areas while maintaining a constant content stream of time-critical information and producing a consistent aesthetic. The public displays needed to be installed on a variety of unconventional pre-existing structures and surfaces without sacrificing adjustability or security. To further complicate the application it was critical that their ‘Wyse’ thin client media terminal also be mounted behind each display.

The information presented on these displays is critical to optimise the customer experience of the airport so it was important that the information be clearly visible to all passengers within the terminal.


TH-1040- VFM and TH-2050- VFM

To address these challenges two different mounts from the Telehook range of articulated wall mounts were selected, The TH-1040- VFM and the TH-2050- VFM. The TH-1040- VFM’s compact design allowed the mount to be fixed to the unconventional slanted posts above the customer check in desks as well as the narrow support pylons that line the airport.

However for applications that required larger and heavier displays, visual and functional consistency was achieved via the use of the heavy duty version, the TH-2050- VFM. This mount follows the styling and functionality of the smaller mount but includes an enhanced weight carrying capacity and extended arm reach.

Easy installation and rapid maintenance

Telehook Wall Mount range at Perth Airport

The selected Telehook articulated mount range incorporates an array of clever installation features that are specifically designed for the rapid deployment and maintenance of large scale projects such as Perth Airport. A quick release mounting head is incorporated to ensure minimal downtime throughout the installation and maintenance process and a built in security screw deters theft in vulnerable areas.

The generous weight carrying capacity of each of these mounts allowed them to support the ‘Wyse’ thin client media terminal that was mounted to the rear of each display via a custom adaptor.

Secure, durable and versatile

With heavier weight displays, the safety and security of commuters becomes exceedingly critical. The articulated wall mount range undergoes rigorous testing (through over 10,000 adjustment cycles) and is manufactured from high quality materials to ensure durability for the life of the product. Additionally, tamper resistant security screws were fitted in high-traffic areas to ensure a safe environment for passengers and crew.

Telehook articulated wall mounts

Atdec’s range of Telehook articulated wall mounts are the perfect solution for public environments that require durability, reliability and versatility for displays of any size in any application.