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MinterEllison: Future-proofing an eight-level legal firm

Client: Law firm MinterEllison
Location: Sydney, Australia
Designer: BVN
Partners: BuildCorp (builders); Savilles (project managers); Unifor (furniture provider)
CHALLENGE Fitting out a new eight-level workspace with variety of monitor-display solutions for open-plan, collaborative, conference and reception areas.
SOLUTION Installed flexible, space-saving, future proof, ergonomic screen solutions to accommodate range of open-plan and collaborative workspaces, including ergonomic sit-to-stand and fixed desks whilst retaining consistency of style and function throughout the building.
PRODUCT Systema modular range SSKB single display spring-assisted arm

Project Overview

Established in Sydney in 1827, MinterEllison is one of Asia Pacific’s leading law firms. In May 2015, after a lengthy and carefully considered fitout of their new premises, MinterEllison opened the doors to its new offices in Sydney, Australia.

The fitout involved an in depth assessment of the conventional office space; paying close attention to the flexibility, efficiency and innovation of the space while enhancing employee well-being. The dramatic eight-level work space is situated in the heart of Sydney with breathtaking views of the surrounding harbor, modern rustic styling and a spiral stair case creating an open collaborative space between all eight floors.


As a part of the development Atdec was invited to provide a flexible monitor mounting solution that would accommodate a range of different workspaces. The Systema dynamic monitor arm (SSKB) was selected for its generous range of ergonomic spring-assisted adjustment as well as its space saving and future proof design. Its versatility meant that the mount could address the challenges of a variety of single and dual screen applications. Atdec worked in conjunction with BuildCorp (builders), BVN (designers), Savilles (project managers) and Unifor (furniture provider) to ensure a cohesive and integrated office space.

ergonomic spring-assisted Systema SSKB at MinterEllison


Adding more screen real estate while preserving valuable desk space

Open plan collaborative spaces

Open plan collaborative work spaces require a higher range of adjustability than traditional offices and zoning for different tasks. It’s often more challenging to achieve consistent and clutter free design elements throughout the space. The versatility of the Systema monitor arm enabled single, dual and notebook/display combination mounts to be implemented throughout the open plan areas of the office. The extended arm reach, ergonomic spring-assisted adjustment and advanced cable management assist in creating a clutter free space while achieving visual consistency with a single solution.

Sit-to-stand workstations

Based on the latest research regarding the health benefits of sit-to-stand workstations, MinterEllison implemented a variety of both sit-stand and fixed desks with Atdec’s Systema monitor arm in a stylish matte black finish throughout the space.

Spring-assisted arms work perfectly to complement the sit-to-stand workstations. The display height can be adjusted quickly and easily to fine tune the perfect ergonomic work position.

Large displays in quiet work areas and meeting rooms

Quiet work areas and meeting rooms incorporated larger 32” displays to offer enhanced screen sharing and additional display real estate. Thanks to the wide supported weight range of the Systema arm, the same mount was able to be installed throughout these areas without sacrificing its inherent ergonomic capabilities and range of height adjustment, and enabling consistency in style and function throughout the building.

Quiet rooms with conference facilities. The SSKB comfortably accommodates a 32” display.

Quiet rooms and know-how areas

Know-how areas were fitted out with dual Systema monitor arms. In this application it assisted in creating a clutter free and ergonomic multi user area while also allowing the display to be easily shared with visitors and other employees.

Extended arm reach and cable management declutters the “know-how” reception areas, creating a clean and stylish work surface

Spaces that promote employees’ well-being and collaboration

The shift in the physical office space is being driven by technological advancement and the continual acquisition of new information and research that is providing insight into how we can more effectively interact with the work place. To achieve a healthy and productive office in the fast-paced and diverse modern workplace it is paramount that the space be adaptable, flexible and ergonomic.

Employees typically spend the majority of their day interacting with visual displays and as such it is critical that the mounting support for the visual displays is supporting their ergonomic needs without adding to the clutter of a busy office environment.

Atdec works with industry leading businesses, designers and architects to craft mounting solutions that address the challenges faced by their respective industries and are dedicated to providing mounting support for the future of the work place.