Workplace Technology Trends to Watch in 2019:
Post-Orgatec Special

Want to discover the latest and greatest in workplace technology and design? Check out our selection of insights straight from this year’s Orgatec conference. At “New Visions of Work,” attendees and social media followers alike had the opportunity to learn about what’s trending from industry leaders showcasing their solutions at the show.
post orgatec 2018 roundup

Employee Health and Well-being

Illness, stress, aches and pains, experienced alone or together...symptoms like these can make a big impact on how a person feels and performs on the job. Employers who want to help their employees feel their best—and keep them happy and engaged—know that the workplace environment is a great place to start. But what does this have to do with workplace technology? Plenty, because technology powers the processes and communications that take employees through each workday. In fact, we might say that human-centred design is also tech-centred design.

Ergonomics also come into the office technology conversation, as employees’ near-constant interaction with computer monitors and screens demands careful attention to healthy posturing and focal distance. Modern wellness-focused offices offer adaptable solutions to help employees customise comfortable technology experiences.

post orgatec 2018 roundup

Environmentally friendly solutions

Sustainability is a key element in a healthy office, and in an effort to “go green,” employers are choosing environmentally friendly building materials, furniture, office supplies, and even machines and equipment. This includes technology and tech accessories like mounts and display stands that use resources wisely, and which can be recycled or disposed of responsibly. Modular mounting solutions, much like their modular furniture counterparts, make the most of space while minimising wastage—that is, the components in use are chosen for a specific purpose or can be easily interchanged and reconfigured.

post orgatec 2018 roundup

Flexible Workspaces

Offices have been opening up in recent years, making space by tearing down private office and cube walls that once (by design) isolated employees. This has held true even in older office buildings and office suites that architects and facility managers are updating with more modern—and modular—configurations. Open spaces are filled with whatever employees need to work effectively, even if that means frequently changing the space and what’s in it. Hotdesking provides the perfect example of why a desk space needs to accommodate whatever (or whomever) comes next.

Part of the flexibility trend involves the need to customise workspaces for groups of users, teams working together and sharing digital media. But as single-user workspaces make way for multi-user areas, what happens to the single-user technology set-ups? They become multi-user, of course. Knowledge zones and high-demand environments, for example, are dynamic and require a unique approach to accommodating technology.

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Technology set-ups—specifically, the various screens individuals and teams use throughout the day—need to be as flexible as the spaces they’re in and as mobile as their users.

Thanks to the slim profile of today’s computer monitors and digital work surfaces, monitors and screens are easily mounted onto desks, walls, and even ceilings, and can be flipped around or rotated for landscape or portrait viewing.

What’s more, screens and tablets can be removed from stands and mounts and taken from desk to desk, remounted and reconfigured for the task at hand.

post orgatec 2018 roundup
post orgatec 2018 roundup

When it comes to meeting the workplace technology needs of individuals and teams, innovation is key.

If you didn’t attend Orgatech 2018—or didn’t get a chance to stop by Atdec’s booth and get hands-on with our extensive line of modular technology mounts—then take a few moments to explore our workspace solutions. We’d love to help you create an inspiring work environment that’s ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

post orgatec 2018 roundup

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