Display size selection for digital signage

Atdec is a mount expert, which gives us a more than a passing familiarity with displays and their selection for different purposes. As a specialist design and manufacturer, Atdec offers mounts for displays of virtually all sizes and weight – we’re display agnostic and thoroughly unbiased in our recommendations.

Therefore, we’ve put together a quick guide to assist our partners and customers to select a display best suited to their requirements – after which we recommend you consider an Atdec mount!
Versatile Atdec display signage mounts

Select display size

Technical and aesthetic considerations will be used to inform size selection – we will consider practical size requirements first.

Minimum display size

Appropriate display size is vital to an outcome that is visible for its intended audience to engage and take information in without eye strain. There’s a simple calculation that may be used to determine ideal size:

  • Determine the intended location of the display
  • Plot audience location
  • Determine maximum distance an audience member can be from the display
  • Divide that distance by six to equal minimum display height
Minimum display size based on audience location

Display size logistics and aesthetics

After you have determined the minimum size for comfortable attentive viewing, logistical and aesthetic considerations will be made.

Logistical considerations centre on what wall space is available in the space you wish to have the display. This can present a surprisingly common issue, particularly in commercial and retail spaces – the trend to large windows, feature walls, built-in fixtures, and so on has eliminated much of the space that would previously have been made available for signage (digital or otherwise). If this sounds familiar, jump to the ‘how Atdec helps’ section.

Aesthetic considerations are what they sound like – if you understand the minimum size for positive view experience, and the potential maximum capability of your space to mount, your final aesthetic consideration should reflect you and your brand’s culture. That may mean a high-end ultra-thin display with minimal bezel if your brand is like Apple, a black cased high-performance display inset to a recessed wall for executive business suites, or a funky bevel edge and chrome enclosure feature piece for retail fashion.

Select display technology type

The display technology you select will be largely informed by your target display area, with secondary consideration to ambient conditions and appetite for bevels in the display area. Note that domestic grade displays are not considered.

The technology list in the table below is roughly in order of costliness and attractiveness to an end user; if mobile functionality is required, go small with handheld devices. If the devices must be protected, then units that can be secured kiosk and retail POS mounts should be selected – iPads and specialist retail POS units. From there, commercial displays are cost effective and versatile. Cost efficiency of ALR projection Vs video walls is less clear with the decision more likely made around the presence of sunlight and tolerance for visible bevels. If the end user will not tolerate visible bevels and/or the signage will be in sunlight, the dvLED is the only option.

Display technology Choose for Farthest audience Display diagonal Screen width Screen height
Handheld mobile & tablet Mobile functionality required N/A To 12" 0.25m


Mobile & tablet kiosks Distributed, secured (retail PoS & wayfinding) N/A To 40" To 0.8m

To 32”
To 0.5m

To 20”
Commercial displays Size to ~140", direct sunlight, economical 1.5m - 6m

20” - 20’
40" - 140" 0.9m - 2.2m

35” - 87”
0.5m - 1.25m

20” - 50”
ALR projector Size 140"+, no direct sunlight, no bevels, unlimited size Min. 6m

Min. 20’
From 140" From 2m

From 6.6’
From 1m

From 40"
Multi-panel videowall Size 140"+, direct sunlight, visible bevels between displays Min. 6m

Min. 20’
From 140" From 2m

From 6.6’
From 1m

From 40"
dvLED Size 200"+, direct sunlight, no bevels, expensive Min. 15m

Min. 50’
From 200" From 4.5m

From 14.8’
From 2.5m

From 8.2'

Display selection considerations

Commercial displays

  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective, particularly under 90”
  • Use commercial grade displays
  • Expensive maintenance; buy reputable brands
  • Confirm that an anti-reflection screen coating has been used to avoid glare

ALR laser projection

  • Use with a matt ALR screen to avoid glare
  • Scales to the precise size required
  • Cost efficient where conditions allow, particularly Vs 90”+ commercial displays
  • Effective even in bright environments; however, daylight can interfere with visibility
  • Replacement parts may be expensive; make sure this is investigated for your proposed model prior to purchase

Multi-panel videowall

  • Tiling multiple commercial displays on which to display a single contiguous media
  • Visible bevels and gaps between the displays
  • Impractical for operating applications due to distraction of the bevels
  • Individual displays are commodities; replacement and maintenance can be expensive where multiple displays are used

Direct View LED dvLED

  • Extremely bright and impactful
  • Expensive upfront and ongoing maintenance
  • Complex selection muddied by disreputable vendors; a knowledgeable partner is recommended to guide dvLED wall purchase

How Atdec helps

Need to wall mount your display and don’t have enough wall?

More common than you’d think, particularly in commercial and retail environments. The easy solution is a full motion wall mount that you use as a ‘set & forget.’ Atdec’s full motion wall mounts have 400mm (15.9”) lateral shift on the wall bracket – which means you mount the wall bracket where there is available space and can shift the centre of the display left or right to suit your aesthetics. Full motion wall mounts reach out up to almost a metre, pan +/- 90°, and tilt forward and backward, so you can put displays where you want even when there’s no wall.

The most common use of full motion wall mounts is for mounting displays in awkward location – rather than displays that are routinely moved.

Don’t want to mark your wall?

Making good at the end of a lease can be costly. If this weighs on your mind, consider a TV/AV Cart , freestanding or mobile floor mounted displays , or a ceiling mounted alternative.

Need to secure your hardware?

A common requirement for all display sizes. Atdec has entirely secured Retail POS mounts , TV/AV Carts with security features, as well as lockable wall mounts of varying functionality.

Questions? Let us help.


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