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Kmart: Upgrading point of sale systems across 170 stores nationally

Client: National retail giant Kmart
Location: Australia
CHALLENGE Outdated IBM proprietary point of sale (POS) mounting system required major upgrade; lack of adequate height adjustability to meet the ergonomic needs of each individual employee.
SOLUTION Optimised ergonomic POS set up with the installation of a “hand-wheel” style display-and- eyboard adjustment system; two custom mounts produced to support new displays as well as original displays where necessary; colour matching to complement Kmart’s existing marketing materials and design; Spacepole specifically customised for Kmart to provide simple cable management system, maximise space and minimise clutter.
PRODUCT Spacepole range POS Payment mounts

Project Overview

Kmart is one of Australia’s largest discount chain stores. It operates 170 stores and employs approximately 25,000 people nationwide.


Spacepole POS Payment Mount

With such a high volume of employees and customers interacting with their point of sale areas each year, Kmart required an ergonomic, robust and customisable point of sale mounting system. They needed to upgrade their mounting systems from an outdated IBM proprietary mounting system to a more modular and efficient VESA mounting system.


Throughout the upgrade it was important for Kmart to have a mounting solution that provided adequate height adjustability to meet the needs of each individual employee and a safe, ergonomic workplace. For this reason Atdec included a hand-wheel style display-and-keyboard adjustment system. This helped to ensure the most optimised ergonomic set up, and that employees could work with confidence in a safe environment.

Atdec had to contend with the added challenge of incorporating various types of displays. While some displays were upgraded to the more modern VESA mounting system, some of the mounting solutions had to be custom developed to support the original displays and as such two custom mounts were produced. Kmart’s custom set up even went as far as colour matching the mounting system to the specific IBM displays utilised throughout the store. This was implemented to ensure that the mounts did not intrude on any of Kmart’s marketing materials and other design elements.

Spacepole POS Payment Mount Solution

It was also important to Kmart to implement a point of sale system that was neat, tidy and enabled effective use of available counter space. For this, Atdec’s solution was to implement a simple cable management system to manage the keyboard, display and other cable clutter. The design was implemented specifically for the Kmart IBM displays and keyboard setup. The Spacepole solution was further customised to ensure that there was no intrusive overlap between the display and keyboard that could potentially cause an untidy profile and non-ergonomic functionality.

This custom Spacepole solution is currently being fitted throughout Kmart stores Australia wide. The extended range of Spacepole mounts are implemented in most of the world’s top 200 retail chains worldwide due to its versatility, style and clever selection of features, proving its worth in the point of sale realm.

Spacepole POS Payment Mount Solution