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Five must-have video wall features for demanding environments

Video walls stand at the forefront of the digital signage industry, with their ability to deliver large scale video, image, text and web content to large audiences in dramatic and memorable ways.

However, businesses and installers alike are often daunted by the prospect of choosing a suitable video wall solution due to environmental, occupational health and tricky installation factors.

Following is a list of five must-have video wall features to aid you in selecting the most robust, future-proof, time efficient and cost effective solution for your specific demanding environment. The must-have features to investigate are:

1. Ease of installation?
2. Ease of service and maintenance?
3. Universal video panel support?
4. Scalability and versatility?
5. Security and durability?
Video walls are used effectively in a range of demanding environments including but not limited to:

✓ digital signage,
✓ data monitoring,
✓ Point of Sale (POS),
✓ emergency services,
✓ defense,
✓ energy,
✓ retail,
✓ television,
✓ trade shows,
✓ broadcast,
✓ hospitality,
✓ entertainment,
✓ stock markets,
✓ and call centres.
1. Ease of installation

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of video walls is in the installation; simultaneously requiring urgency, safety and accuracy. Every additional minute of installation time is another minute of lost business and also adds further potential for accidents to occur, however, if the job is not accurate screens will forever be misaligned causing issues with image matching whilst generally looking unprofessional and unfinished. Thus ensuring that the mounting system for the video wall is easy to install, adjust and maintain is critical when selecting your mounting solution.

A quick and easy installation saves time for installers and ensures a perfect result in a limited time frame.

Visualise possibilities for your own video wall with Atdec’s handy Video Wall Configurator .

2. Ease of service and maintenance

Second to installation time is the high risk for display failure due to their size, energy requirements and simply because more displays means more points of potential failure. While video wall panels are increasingly energy efficient and durable, the displays are often running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so they will wear out quicker than your typical domestic or public television.

Post-installation alignment adjustments will greatly assist in making the job perfect and take some of the stress off your installers while the incorporation of maintenance features that allow you to replace or repair individual video panels are of great advantage.

Installation tip:

Ventilation for the video panels should also be considered when selecting a mount. This is particularly important in environments that require installation into a recessed wall; ensure that space is left around the mount (at least 25mm) to allow the displays to get sufficient ventilation as improper ventilation can cause damage to the panels or create a fire hazard. This is also allows for easy access to displays for maintenance and replacement purposes.
3. Universal video panel support

How flexible is the system, can it adapt to your needs? It is important for a video wall mounting system to be compatible with not only a range of different displays from a variety of manufacturers but also to be scalable. As with all technology, the mount should work for you, it shouldn’t dictate what you require at any given moment. The ability for public displays to adapt to their application is also crucial, particularly when used in advertising where displays can upgrade or downgrade according to the advertisers’ requirements.

For example, the Atdec Universal Video Wall solution is compatible with a large range of displays from leading manufacturers including but not limited to NEC, ViewSonic, Samsung, Sony, LG and Sharp.

4. Scalability and versatility

Many of the environments that often use video walls require scalability and versatility (such as digital signage, broadcast, data monitoring, defense, energy and emergency services). Mounting systems that allow for the video wall to adapt to the clients’ needs as required are integral.

An effective mounting solution should offer the potential to add or remove displays as required. Another key consideration should be whether the mount offers ample space behind the video panels for media players and any other required devices. Most digital signage media players on the market today are of a slim profile to allow displays to be mounted as close to the wall as possible however depending on your specific requirements it may be necessary to support bulkier media centres either now or in the future. Ensuring that the mounting system is capable of supporting both and not limiting upgradability is important when selecting your desired mounting system.

See also 3D visualisation of scalable video wall including live-action demonstrations of cabling, post-installation height adjustment, display security, and alignment features.

5. Security and durability

Public in their nature, video walls require a high level of security and durability to withstand any potential for tampering in inherently high traffic and problematic environments.

The ability to use third party security devices such as padlocks and security chains can be very useful features to secure your investment. This not only prevents theft and vandalism but can also enhance safety, as allowing large video wall panels to be handled by untrained patrons carries a high risk. Demonstrated product life and a guarantee are also preferred.

Click here to learn more about Atdec Universal Video Wall mounting solutions, including downloadable tech specs, brochure, CAD files and installation manual.

To contact us for a free consultation on creating a tailored video wall solution, please click here.

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