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Doha International Airport: 650 new visual display mounts for luxurious international hub

Client: Doha International Airport
Location: Doha, Qatar
Partners: CESCO (Consolidated Engineering Systems Co.); Man Enterprise Qatar
CHALLENGE Major global and regional air traffic hub required redesign to cope with traffic volumes; luxury lounge TVs previously mounted on stands which hampered security and visibility.
SOLUTION Installation of 650 high quality big screen universal wall mounts, primarily wall tilting mounts and mounts for very large TVs; anti-theft security features, durable steel construction, tilting function, and 10 year warranty.
PRODUCT Telehook range:
TH-2050-UT single display wall TV mount
TH-3070-UT Low profile single display LCD/LED/Plasma TV wall mount

Project Overview

Telehook range at Doha International Airport

Doha International Airport is one of the newest and busiest in the world. Tens of millions of people visit the Gulf per year, and most of those people go through Doha at some point in their travels around the region. This big, luxurious airport is a major hub for global and regional air traffic. Ever- increasing large numbers of business and tourist travellers visiting the region made it necessary for the airport to redesign itself to cope with traffic volumes.

Telehook range at luxurious airport Doha International Airport


The new airport was specifically designed to provide an enhanced travel experience for travellers. Doha’s big, extraordinarily luxurious lounges and other facilities are outfitted with large numbers of very large, state of the art TV screens. In the past, the big TVs were simply mounted on stands, but the stands and other types of mounts were an obviously unsatisfactory approach to both security and visibility.

This huge facility required 650 new visual display mounts, primarily wall tilting mounts and mounts for very large TVs. The clear need was for high quality big screen wall mounts with anti-theft security features and a long product life. The new airport also naturally wanted the very best mounts, able to manage both multiple types and models of displays.


Atdec was called in to solve the problems along with their Qatar based installation and engineering partners CESCO (Consolidated Engineering Systems Co.) and Man Enterprise Qatar. Atdec’s global standard top of the range mounts Telehook TH-2050- UT and TH-3070- UT (both are tilting mounts for medium to large TVs) were ideal for the new airport’s purposes.

Key features for both mounts efficiently met all requirements:

  • Durable steel construction
  • Theft resistant design (a small padlock secures mounts in public places)
  • Tilting function to adjust viewing angle
  • 10 year warranty
  • Universal mounts (an all-purpose mounting configuration which can be used by any type of visual display)

Atdec was the best practice choice of supplier. This major international airport needed top quality mounting solutions on a large scale to address all issues systematically and efficiently.

Telehook range at Doha International Airport