Popular solutions

Menu board solutions use modular components that are interchangeable and upgradeable. Browse just a few popular solutions to get you going.

  1. ADMS-3x1-350-W
    3x1 menu board mount. Max load per display 50kg. VESA up to 400x400
  2. ADMS-3x1T-270-W
    3x1 tilt menu board mount. Max load per display 50kg. VESA up to 400x400
  3. ADMS-3x1T-270-200-C
    Menu board mount with tilt. Max load per display: 50kg Universal VESA

Individual parts

Build upon tried-and-tested configurations with components selected to respond to the unique demands of your space. Select a component-type tab like Rails, Poles or Attachment parts, then explore options.

  1. ADM-R700
    700mm mounting rail
  2. ADM-RX
    Rail extension kit (pack of 6)
  3. ADM-R1750
    1750mm mounting rail
  4. ADM-R500
    500mm mounting rail
  1. ADM-BV400M
    VESA 400 fixed brackets with fine adjustments (set of two). Max load per display: 50kg
  2. ADM-BV400T
    VESA 400 tilting brackets (set of two)
  1. ADM-TM
    Pole to ceiling or floor attachment fixture
  2. ADM-FS
    Freestanding floor base
  3. ADM-CC
    Cable Management Clip (set of 3)
  4. ADM-TW
    Pole to wall attachment fixture
  5. ADM-JP
    Rail to post attachment plate
  6. ADM-F
    Freestanding foot
  7. ADM-AC2
    50mm collar mount
  8. ADM-WF2
    Rail to wall attachment plate
  9. ADM-RCF
    Rail to pole collar attachment plate
  10. ADM-FP
    Bolt through floor base
  11. ADM-C
    Castors (set of two)
  1. ADM-T1500-B
    1500mm long 50mm diameter pole
  2. ADM-T1000-B
    1000mm long 50mm diameter pole
  3. ADM-T2000-B
    2000mm long 50mm diameter pole
  4. ADM-P1800
    1800mm post
  5. ADM-TX
    Pole joiner accessory
  6. ADM-P600
    600mm post

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