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Chris O’Brien Lifehouse: Outfitting 60 multi-use consultation rooms for cancer treatment

Client: Cancer treatment and research facility Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
Location: Sydney, Australia
CHALLENGE Fitout required for new $260 million treatment centre for patients, including inviting, easy to clean, and ergonomic setup for a range of working environments including consultation rooms and reception centre.
SOLUTION Stylish single desk mount solution installed in 60 consultation rooms; high range of motion for improved ergonomics and easy screen sharing between medical practitioner and patient; easy height adjustment to adapt to multiple users; display able to be pushed back against the wall when not required; monitor arm cast into a single piece of polished aluminium allowing all vertical surfaces of the mount to be easily cleaned; advanced cable management to decrease clutter; also dual display mounts installed in reception areas to maximise ergonomics and space and functionality.
PRODUCT Visidec range:
VF-AT single display desk monitor articulated arm
VF-AT-D dual display desk monitor articulated arm

Project Overview

Visidec range at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is an Australian cancer treatment and research facility based in Camperdown, New South Wales. Lifehouse aims to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, carers and their families by advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of the disease. The Lifehouse facility is helping this dream become a reality by opening a $260 million treatment centre for patients.

The newly-built facility endeavours to create a “patient-focused centre of excellence,” a comfortable environment where patients can get all their needs met while receiving care and support at an often stressful time.


Large scale medical environments, such as Lifehouse, inherit their own unique set of challenges when creating and structuring a working environment. An inviting appearance is important to increase patient morale, easy to clean and disinfect surfaces are required for occupational health and safety, and ergonomics are important for the safety of medical health professionals working long hours. The building combines a range of working environments including 60 consultation rooms.

Visidec V-FAT single desk display mount


The Visidec Focus single desk display mount (VF-AT) was selected for the application and was incorporated into 60 multi-use consultation rooms.

The stylish single desk mount solution incorporates a high range of motion which improves ergonomics and allows for easy screen sharing between the medical practitioner and patient. Each consultation room is used by a range of practitioners, and so the high range of motion and easy height adjustment helps to ensure an ergonomic working environment for any user and allows the display to be pushed back against the wall when not required. Each segment of the monitor arm is cast into a single piece of polished aluminium allowing all vertical surfaces of the mount to be easily cleaned while advanced cable management helps to decrease clutter and create a clean work surface.

The Visidec Focus dual display mount (VF-AT-D) was selected for use in the reception areas of the building. It enables employees to make full use of two monitors without sacrificing ergonomics. Compact reception areas with limited available space made the ability to raise the displays off the desk and manage cabling important in creating an uncluttered work space. It incorporates all the high quality aesthetic and functional elements of a monitor arm with the ability to mount two displays ergonomically and in style.

Atdec’s role in providing monitor mounting solutions for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse centre will assist by improving the ergonomics, aesthetics and function of work spaces in a hugely important industry. The high quality and durable mounts are backed with a 10 year warranty and will service the organisation for years to come.