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Client: Auckland Transport
Dealer: Europlan
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland Transport is responsible for all of the region’s transport services, and its day-to-day activities—including the planning and funding of public transport, promoting alternative ways to get around and operating the local roading network—keep Auckland's transport systems moving.
Evaluation process
As part of the product evaluation process for Auckland Transport, shortlisted participants were required to deliver solutions for an ‘experience centre’. The Experience Centre was available to Auckland Transport Staff for 3 months and the products were supplied with no branding or identifying labels so that staff could provide impartial evaluations of the items.

Europlan was the winning participant in the process, and was awarded the contract for Workstations, Screens, Tambour Storage, Task Seating and Soft Seating, Collaborative Furniture and Personal Storage. Display mounts were an integral part of the workstation solution, and Atdec provided a range of custom multi-display configurations.
The monitor arms proved to be very robust and capable of holding 6 monitors from a single post. Their modular construction gives us great flexibility in the way we position monitors and provide the best possible experience for our operators”. - Mike Saint, Intelligent Transport Systems—Infrastructure, Programme Manager, Auckland Transport
Auckland transport
  • Auckland transport were looking to mount between five and six 24” screens for their workstations
  • All visual equipment and input devices were wired and required high capacity cable management systems integrated within the mount
  • They sought a solution that was modular in nature, with the ability to handle all the screens off one pole
  • The screens were positioned in two rows for optimal viewing
  • A combination of dynamic (AWM-AD) and varying-length articulated arms (AWM-A71 and AWM-A46) were mounted on a 750mm post
  • Cables were managed neatly through monitor arm channels and posts
  • Black was chosen to complement the office furniture design

Featured products

  1. AWMS-2-D40
    Dual dynamic arms on post
  2. AWMS-4-4675
    Quad mount on tall post
  3. AWMS-6-13717
    Hex monitor mount
  4. AWMS-3-13714
    Triple monitor mount with post

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