United Airlines is one of America’s largest airlines servicing the world’s most comprehensive global route network. They pride themselves on their strong commitment to customer service utilizing their massive 84,000 strong employee base. With such a vast number of employees and customers, a strong focus on intelligent Airport Terminal design is imperative to the day to day operations of this international airline.


United Airlines terminals are frequently assessed for their efficiency and are monitored for potential improvements. When it became clear that the existing mounting solution implemented throughout customer service areas and departure lounges were intruding on the customers experience and did not consider the ergonomic needs of the operator it was clear that an upgrade was required.


An aesthetically attractive, minimal and tidy mounting solution was sought out and after reviewing a number of options ultimately the Visidec Focus Micro (VF-M) was implemented. The compact design of this monitor mounting solution addressed the limited space available in customer service areas and departure lounges without sacrificing the ergonomic needs of each employee. The polished aluminum finish perfectly complements the cabinetry that had previously been implemented in the terminals, and in combination with advanced cable management features create a clean and focused customer service experience that is consistent with the company’s branding.

Despite the Visidec Focus Micro’s compact design it is still able to provide a high range of effortless tilt, pan and height adjustment as well as fingertip adjustable portrait to landscape rotation. The ease of adjustment built into this mount helps to enhance the operator’s ergonomic support while providing a comfortable viewing experience and reduced glare.

The international roll out of the Visidec Focus Micro desk mount throughout United Airlines terminals is proving its ability to address the needs of this demanding, high traffic organization. Its robust design and careful use of high quality materials will serve United Airlines for many years to come.