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The latest news and technologies in the world of AV mounting solutions.


LCD Monitor Arms

Friday, 26 February | By Atdec

We understand that reorganizing your commercial space or planning an entirely new office fitout is a daunting task and that saving and utilizing space is of the highest priority. An important innovation that can help with this task are LCD monitor arms, which add unmeasured flexibility to your computer and TV monitor needs.

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Safe Installation of Mounts

Friday, 12 February | By Atdec

Safe installation of mounts

Along with more advanced technology in screens and monitors, comes the more advanced installation of the equipment itself. It’s all fine following the instructions with store bought products when using them in the home, but for large business with far more advanced needs the safe installation of mounts and equipment can be difficult and dangerous if neglected.

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Mount Safety

Monday, 1 February | By Atdec

In business, in order to cut costs and retain more profit, a lot of people look for the easiest and cheapest option, especially during these tough economic times, however taking the easiest way out isn’t always the most profitable or safest option in the long run. If you own a business you’ll know firsthand that the safety of the workforce is perhaps the main priority, because after all they are the people that keep the system flowing from day to day.

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TV Arms

Wednesday, 20 January | By Atdec

TV arms are the mechanical device everyone is talking about. Many contemporary television wall mounts and stands to give them the maneuverability that both the modern home and modern workplace need to run efficiently and to save space.

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Plasma TV Installation

Saturday, 5 September | By Atdec

For some, simply placing their new TV on a coffee table at one end of their living room isn’t enough. With today’s advancement in technology televisions are a lot wider and come with tones of other accessories to top off the home theatre experience; from DVD recorders to surround sound speakers. Because of this it has become a lot harder to install TVs. Often in depth instructions are needed, or in some cases professional help. If plasma TV installation is beyond your comprehension then contact the store that supplied you the TV and they should be able to help.

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