The store 99 Bikes Brisbane CBD is nestled in the heart of the city, smack in the middle of the V created by Brisbane River. It caters to cycling aficionados in this cosmopolitan cycling paradise of easily navigated parkways, riverside jaunts, and leafy suburbs. The first 99 Bikes store was founded by Matt Turner in 2007 and the franchise has grown exponentially since, with stores opened in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. More than just a retailer, the store keeps an on-site bicycle mechanic, offering 24 hour turn around for workshop servicing and repairs on ‘any bike, any brand.’

The Challenge

As 99 Bikes was getting set to open their new Brisbane CBD store in November 2015, they wanted to set up an accessible-technology solution to cater to the city workers, students and shoppers who would make up the core of their customer base. Most people who came into the store would be on a tight schedule and on their way to work, classes, or appointments, and 99 Bikes wanted something to add an extra layer of customer service to their store. When 99 Bikes reached out to JB Hi-Fi for assistance, JB Hi-Fi evaluated their needs and immediately decided to bring Atdec on board to collaborate on a solution that would be both secure as well as compact and appealing.

Aadila from the business development branch of JB HiFi explains what happened behind the scenes:

"JB hifi provided the Ipad and partnered with Atdec to design the solution. We approached [Atdec] and said “This is what the customer wants, these are their challenges, it needs to be lockable and freestanding and they want to keep the look of the environment very professional, and need the cabling to be hidden away.”  

‘99 Bikes needed an additional contact point for customers to browse instead of walking away.’ – Aadila, JB Hi-Fi‘

The Solution

As a result, Atdec provided a freestanding floor tablet solution (the Spacepole S-Frame) which was placed at the entrance of the 99 Bikes store. The floor mount itself is fixed height, with hidden cable management, and the stand also has a patented mechanism called Duratilt that’s adjustable for people of differing heights and abilities. The S-Frame also incorporates the all-important fully lockable frame in order to make it a secure, customer-facing device.

Loyal customers rely on 99 Bikes to provide them with bikes, parts and accessories on world leading brands such as Garmin, Shimano, SRAM, GoPro, Merida, Norco, Lapierre, Apollo, Mongoose, Schwinn and more. Terry from 99 Bikes gave a little more insight on the advantages of the install:

"The reason we installed it was to enable our customers to buy online while in the store. If they want assistance, we can help them, and if they’re buying something bulky they don’t have to haul it home themselves as they can order free shipping. We have 25 stores as well as an online webstore, so it’s like accessing all that stock from our small CBD store. It’s one extra step to making it easier for our customers."

‘It’s a bit more user friendly and easier to access than a desktop computer. It’s [also] pretty solid—there’s nothing really that can break [as] it’s all in a steel lockable housing.’ – Terry, 99 Bikes

The Way of the Future

Customers are moving into the direction of expecting to have their online and offline shopping experiences seamlessly integrated for their favourite brands and franchises, and this means great future potential for collaborating with JB Hi-Fi and other partners to deliver more specific tailored solutions for retail and other clients.

Thanks to this collaboration, cyclists can zip into 99 Bikes in downtown Brisbane and access top-notch customer service—both online and in real life.

Spacepole S-frame Features

The Spacepole S-frame (attached to a fixed floor stand in this case) is a secure and protected tablet enclosure for public use.

The S-Frame allows for unattended use with its secure enclosure. Ideal for information points, product look up and self-check-in, S-Frame greatly increases the application options for your tablet device.

  • S-frame front hand touch
  • Modular/upgradable to new tablets
  • Retail hardened steel/aluminium construction
  • Internal cable management
  • Restricted access
  • Fully installed kiosk enclosure
  • Integrated Clicksafe locking feature
  • Lock on the front or back side of the frame
  • Aesthetic look and feel
  • Modular and upgradable

The tablet itself sits on a sleeve designed specifically for a wide range of popular tablet models within the body of the S-Frame enclosure. Should there be a technology re-fresh with a different tablet, it is simply the case of exchanging the sleeve rather than the entire enclosure.

  • s-frame components
  • s-frame lock technology
  • Secure lock technology

Built with the latest in screw-less secure barrel locking technology, the S-Frame offers security without losing the essential style and ease of use associated with tablets.

The S-Frame’s secure enclosure allows for unattended customer use and reduces device wear and tear.