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Atdec Vesa Standards

Mounting System Standards

Information about the VESA Standards for mounting systems

The Video & Electronics Standards Association (VESA) sets standards for electronic visual displays. While not all manufacturers conform 100%, most tend to follow the overall design guidelines.

One of VESA standards concerns mounting hole patterns. Hole patterns are usually found on the back of a display and are used for attaching a desk stand or a wall mount. Whilst the standard is quite detailed the basic outline consists of two parts; the first concerns the size and layout of the hole pattern (with horizontal and vertical dimensions in millimetres) while the second concerns the screw type and size (in metric).

All Atdec mounts are designed to VESA standard and ship with appropriate display mounting hardware (screws* & washers).

Some Atdec mounts feature Universal Mounting Hole Support with adjustability to suit displays with a range of VESA mounting patterns and screw types. These models are also suitable for use with many non-VESA compliant displays. They ship with a range of mounting hardware (screws*, washers and spacers) to suit as many configurations as possible.

While Atdec is unable to guarantee compatibility with every display (and indeed some screens are simply not designed for mounting) we endeavor to ensure maximum compatibility. If you have a question about a particular display or projector device then you are welcome contact us by email at or by phone at +61 2 8729 5000 (8am-5pm Eastern Standard Time GMT +10).

*Different length screws may be required depending on the display make and model you are attaching

VESA Guide

Display size (diagonal dimension**): 305mm to 583mm (12" - 23")

**Diagonal dimension is measured from inside the bezel, corner to corner

This includes most Computer Monitors

  • Hole pattern (width x height dimension)
    • 50mm x 50mm or
    • 75mm x 75mm or
    • 100mm x 100mm
  • Screw type (metric)
    • M4

Display Size (diagonal dimension**): 584mm to 787mm (23" - 30.9")

**Diagonal dimension is measured from inside the bezel, corner to corner
  • Hole pattern (width x height)
    • 100mm x 100mm or
    • 200mm x 100mm
  • Screw type (metric)
    • M4

Display size (diagonal dimension**) 787mm to 2286mm (31" - 90")

**Diagonal dimension is measured from inside the bezel, corner to corner
  • Hole pattern (width x height)
    • 200mm x 200mm or
    • 280mm x 150mm or
    • 400mm x 400mm or
    • 600mm x 200mm or
    • 600mm x 400mm or
    • 800mm x 400mm
  • Screw type (metric)
    • M6 or
    • M8

If you require additional details on VESA or the relevant standards please refer to:

Disclaimer: Atdec Pty Ltd acknowledges ownership by VESA of the relevant standards and provides this information purely as a service to our customers.