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Atdec Glossary

Atdec Glossary

Flat Screen Wall Mounts
Glossary of Terms

The following details common terms used in the mounting industry and across this site

Articulated Arm

A mounting solution with two or more segments and typically three joints. Articulated arms allow the device to be extended from the attachment point (usually a pole or a wall). They allow for a greater level of positional adjustment (more extension + tilt &/or pan) and a more centralised resting position (they can be pushed back directly against the attachment point) than a Swing Arm mechanism.

Articulated arms are often grouped with Swing Arms with the label Full Motion mount.

Designed for Disassembly (DFD)

These products are designed to be taken apart for easy recycling at the end of their life:

  • Components are constructed so they can be refurbished or reused
  • Metallic and plastic parts can be easily separated and categorised for recycling

Ergonomically designed

Also called biotechnology, human engineering and human factors engineering, ergonomics is a science of equipment design. It focuses on adapting to individual user situations, physical dimensions and ability to increase productivity while reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Atdec designs all our products for ergonomic operation. Whether you working in an office, a retail environment, a manufacturing floor or simply adjusting the orientation of your home TV, we ensure a high degree of adjustment with easy manipulation.

FlexiStar™ mechanism

An adjustable display mounting head with extendable tabs enabling compatibility with displays that feature either 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA mounting hole patterns. Designed by Atdec, FlexiStar is incorporated in the VISIDEC Focus product range (VF-M, VF-AT, VF-AT-AA, VF-AT-NK, VF-AT-NP, VF-AT-D, VF-WD, VF-AT-W).

Lateral adjustment

Is the horizontal positional adjustment allowed by the mount for the attached device.

Mounting Hole Pattern

This refers to the screws holes on the back of the display which are used for attaching the mount device. Mounting hole patterns usually conform to the VESA standard with a horizontal and vertical dimension in millimetres. For more information on mounting hole patterns please see VESA Standards.

Mounting Head/Display Head

This is the part of the mount which attaches to the device. Depending on the product the attachment may be via one or more brackets or a plate.

Swing Arm

A mounting solution with a segment that features a joint at both the mounting head and the attachment point. Swing arms allow the attached device to be extended from the surface and pivoted (pan &/or tilt) to the required orientation.

Swing arms are often grouped with Articulated Arms with the label Full Motion mount.