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Allianz Stadium: Immersive entertainment experience for 45,000 spectators

Client: Sports venue Allianz Stadium
Location: Sydney, Australia
Partners: Sony Australia
CHALLENGE Provide immersive and uninterrupted entertainment and sporting experiences throughout the entire high-traffic venue while minimising queues for food, beverages and merchandising; focus on enhancing safety and mitigating risk.
SOLUTION Range of Atdec mounting solutions, including ceiling, wall and pillar mounts, to enhance all aspects of the stadium’s digital signage and public display; highly secure and robust mounting of large displays while allowing easy adjustments and rapid servicing; Universal Video Wall mounting for different video wall configurations using the one product range.
PRODUCT Telehook range:
TH-3070-CTL single display drop length adjustable ceiling LCD/LED/Plasma TV mount
TH-3270-UFM single display wall LCD/LED/Plasma TV articulated arm

Project Overview

Allianz Stadium is an iconic Australian sports venue in Sydney. It plays host to large internationally recognised sporting events that are a hallmark of Australian culture. Being built in 1988, it is a Sydney landmark.

Allianz Stadium is a challenging customer service environment, providing entertainment and hospitality to upwards of 45,000 eager sports fans every weekend. In these giant stadium environments, TV displays are critical not only to ensure every moment of sporting action is seen but also to provide emergency, advertising, hospitality and other critical information to customers.


Telehook Wall Mount range at Allianz Stadium

Dealing with such large numbers of customers introduces significant challenges. Allianz Stadium endeavours to provide uninterrupted entertainment throughout the entire venue while minimising queues for food, beverages and merchandising. Safety and risk mitigation is also a primary goal of the stadium..

To help to create an immersive and uninterrupted entertainment experience, Allianz Stadium (in cooperation with Sony Australia) implemented a range of Atdec mounting solutions to enhance all aspects of the stadium’s digital signage and public display.


Ceiling, wall and pillar mounts for an immersive entertainment experience

Telehook TH-3070- CTL ceiling mounts Telehook TH-3070- CTL ceiling mounts

The concourse that tracks the circumference of the stadium was fitted out with Atdec’s TH-3070- CTL ceiling mounts and TH-3270- UFM wall mounts, ensuring customers don’t miss a moment of the action when moving between the venues amenities. These Telehook mounts ensure highly secure and robust mounting of large displays while allowing easy adjustments and rapid servicing when required. The TH-3270- UFM wall mount’s single stud design also allowed it to be securely installed in more challenging applications such as rounded concrete columns. These mounts were also implemented throughout the public toilet facilities and catering areas.

Modular video wall mounts for a variety of video walls

Telehook TH-3270- UFM wall mounts

In addition, a range of video walls were required in a number of different environments. To achieve this Atdec’s Telehook Universal Video Wall mounting system was the obvious choice. It enabled the installation of a variety of different video wall configurations using the one product range. It’s modular and highly secure design enabled different display configurations to be implemented from Corporate Boxes and Private Suites to Public Areas without sacrificing security or safety. These high traffic environments benefit from the modular systems ability to be installed and serviced rapidly providing minimal service interruptions.

Tilting wall mounts for improved digital menu boards

Hospitality areas were improved via the implementation of the TH-3070- UT to create digital menu boards that are visually attractive and easily updatable. Due to heavy foot traffic in these areas it is not an option to manually update menu boards, so the use of wall mounted displays helps to reduce downtime. The TH-3070- UT wall mount is highly durable and extremely strong with a generous range of forward tilt, making it perfect for such applications. It is capable of securely supporting heavy weight displays (up to 91 kilos/200 pounds) and incorporates a lockable security bar that enhances safety and theft resistance.

By implementing Atdec’s range of public display and digital signage mounting solutions, Allianz Stadium have created a safe, easily maintainable and truly immersive entertainment experience that will serve them for many years to come.